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$99 per month only

For $99 per month, we publish an article directly on your blog every 3 days.

We directly publish articles on your blog regularly.

For $99 per month, one article goes live every 3 days.

We find topics, keywords and publish directly on your blog.

We know all blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, Tumblr, Drupal.

You grow your business. We grow your blog.

Why OutSource Your Blog

Blogging is a full time job. You need to regularly feed new content to your readers and customers. Managing blog takes away time that you can rather spend on your business and grow it. And, sometimes, your staff might not have right skill to publish high quality content on your blog.

Blogging can take your considerable time and attention away from your core business. And still not get you type of professional content that readers expect. You are better off focusing on what you do best: grow your business. And leave blog management to us.

Let us manage your blog. And you do what you do best - grow your business.

Why Us

We Make Your Life Easy

We completely and independently manage content on your blog. You give us your blog. We publish articles directly on your blog at regular intervals. If you want to review articles before they go live, that is possible too. You manage your business. We manage your blog. Only $99 per month.

We Have Experience

We have published more than 10,000 15,000 articles till date. We manage blogs that get hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. We publish many articles daily. We have been doing this since years.

We Have A Great Team

All our writers are highly qualified and well paid. They know what they are doing. They can research in all niches: Finance, Technology, Health, Real Estate, Law, Fashion, Gossip, Products, Services, and almost everything else under the Sun. They are proud of what they do.

We Know SEO

We optimize articles for SEO. All the articles are optimized for your keywords. In addition to those, we also do our own research to find good long tail keywords. We know how to stay away from Panda and Penguin. Also, we add links to other articles on your website. This increases pageviews per visitor, as well as gets Google love to older articles. We also include links to other influential websites out there, like, Wikipedia.

You Can Boss Us As Little As You Want

We can work completely independently. We can find topics ourselves, find keywords, write content, and publish directly to your blog. You can interfere as much or as little as you want. If you want to review topics before we write about them, that's fine with us. If you want to review articles before we publish them, that's fine too. You decide how much time you want to spend.

We Create Great Content

We research a lot. Then we write long articles (at least 400-500 words), so each article is potential link bait. Articles are not just about text; we also include at least one image in each article to make articles look beautiful. Sometimes we include videos from Youtube too (if your blogging platform and you allow).

We Have A Good Editorial Team

All the articles are checked for Copying by Copyscape premium. After that, they are reviewed by two separate editors to verify content and check quality. Only after everything looks good, the article is pushed to your blog..

We know Blogging Platforms

We are inherently familiar with Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, Tumblr, Drupal, and other blogging platforms out there. When we publish articles on your blog, we ensure to take care of other things on your blogging platform as well, like, choose category, fill tags, fill SEO fields of your SEO plugin / template, set featured image, and so on.


Standard Plan

$99 per month

1 article goes live every 3 days, 10 articles per month

Frequent Plan

$145 per month

1 article goes live every alternate day, 15 articles per month

Everyday Plan

$ 279 per month

1 article goes live everyday, 30 articles per month

Contact us now!

You can also directly send us an email at: ishan@outsourceblog.co

About Us

We have been blogging since more than 8 years now.

We are the people behind highly successful websites www.ILoveFreeSoftware.com, www.Windows8Freeware.com.

Now we have also expanded to Outsource Blogging arena to provide our expertise to those companies

who want to maintain a highly professional blog but do not have enough time or resources for that.


1. What is the complete process?
Ans: It's simple. You tell us the blog on which you want us to publish. We look at that and get back to you with questions about type of content you want and our recommendations. You then give us access on your blog to publish (you can choose to give us any level of access you want). We research for topics for your blog, find keywords, make great content, and schedule content on your blog to go live regularly.
2. With what frequency do you publish?
Ans: Our normal plans are for publishing every 3 days, every alternate day, or even everyday. If you want a different frequency or schedule, we can adjust for that too. Get in touch.
3. I don't want you to publish directly to my blog, is that possible?
Ans: Yes, of course. We can create the content and email to you and you can publish yourself if you want to.
4. Who own the right to the content that you publish on my blog?
Ans: We transfer all the rights to you. The content will completely belong to you.
5. Do you use same article on multiple blogs?
Ans:We know how important it is to have completely original content, so, each article that we write is completely unique. Nothing is ever republished anywhere.
6. When do you take payment?
Ans: We take payment for each month in advance. This gives us confidence to spend considerable time and effort in creating fantastic content for your blog.
7. How do I cancel?
Ans: Just send us an email and we will take care of the rest.
8. How do I get in touch with you?
Ans: We will give you our email as well as phone number. We will also attach a dedicated Relationship manager with you who will be your single point of contact for everything.
9. I want to try you guys first before I commit. Is that possible?
Ans: Send us an email. We will work something out.
10. How do I pay you?
Ans: We take Wire transfer as well as Paypal.